In front of a door that leads you to an unfamiliar world
I wonder if you aren’t feeling so alone?
I hope you haven’t thought of escaping through death…

No matter how tainted our futures may be
No matter how much our past may wish to stay hidden
Even if all the mistakes you’re making right now
May stab me to death one day…


When spring will come again
Flowers will blossom for sure
But now, there is nothing, nothing
I can’t do anything like this
No one, no one
I’m just sad…

If I could erase you from my memory
All the days I spent with you
That wouldn’t be me anymore…

It wouldn't be me anymore...

I feel attracted to her
I pray that it’s not love
I hope it’s a illusion
I want to avoid
But now, I crave for her more…

Because of love, I will lose a lot
Including a friendship to rely on every hard time
But it’s difficult to start our love
Only heaven will allow us
It’s like a wish that will not come true…

A wish...

To love a person of my dreams
Having hope inside for that kind of life
From hope to obstacles, from rejection to dejection
Life is a blossoming flower in one’s heart…

You come inside of my heart
Gently put your arms around me
That warmth is telling me
You are the leading actress in the movie of my making
You are the sun in my love seeking heart…
A beauty that doesn’t change for eternity…

You are my leading actress...

Between the shadows of the trees down the hill
Time piles up again
I listen carefully to that soft sound
The voice of yours…

Our belief, our thoughts
Somewhere, the days we smiled together
The days we suffered together
I will gaze on…
Our encounter, our farewell
In those faded memories
I’ll go to you between the beautiful seasons…

Deep inside...

Taking off the dust stuck on the hem of your dress
Leaning on my shoulder without a thought as you laughed
It’s just a habit, but even though I tried to erase and spend my day busily
I think and think about it again
Like a picture taken with my eyes…

I get on my knees in front of love again
Because I was drunk in my lonely heart
I might have thoughtlessly told you that I missed you
Like poison, it gradually takes away everything…

Picture of my heart...

“Everything is fate…”
I hope that your pain is just a dream
Even if it’s hard and tiring
Even if it would take a long time
I hope each of your scars heal…

Let me see your smile again
Just like this right now
You said that your tears have dried
So it doesn’t hurt any more
Your bright smile
I want to return it back to you…

To My Angel...

Love is all the same
Like a blooming and withering flower
It’ll come back again
The more you give your heart, the more your heart hurts
It’s only love if it hurts…

Just as you long for that person
Just as you miss that person
When time passes, you’ll forget somehow
If it’s a person who is for you, you’ll meet that person
If it’s a person who is not for you, you will be separated
That’s what love is, that’s what separation is…

"Hanging" Love...

Forgotten memories bloom again
My smile flew away with the wind
Memories pile up in my small heart
Tears wet my eyes…

Gathering my small broken heart together
And write a song, but it’s not enough to describe you
It’ll become a bubble and fly away
Fly along with the wind
Which will never reach you…


I have a dream
I believe in that dream
And there’s the reality that we can’t turn back anymore
Standing in front of that cold wall called fate
I can firmly face it…

One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly as high as the sky
That heavy thing called life can’t tie me down
At the end of my life
On the other day that I can smile, let’s be together…

Swan's Dream