The rain falls incessantly
Why don’t the flowers bloom?
Aesthetically appreciate the sorrow alone
I betrayed myself in order to meet your hopes
All heartbroken characters in the whole world at this moment
Increases by yet one more – me
Whatever I could give, I gave, I couldn’t help it
Except, for letting you know that…

Heartbroken Character…

If your heart is weary
And your tears are all dried up
This feeling is hard to relinquish or forget
I once used to have all the time in the world…

Reviewing the past
The painful yearnings are unforgettable
How is it possible to stop loving you?
It’s so difficult to escape from fate
Just as it is difficult to dissolve the love…

Endless love…

I’ve lost count of the innumerable passing days
That’s longing for you
My desire still increase
In one day with million times
I call your name
The memories of you overwhelmed me…

I shouldn’t love you
And shouldn’t meet you
Being with tears every day
That’s like a gift I recieved
While I’m living alone
I’ll be waiting
If we were to meet again
The word which couldn’t be said after all is…

Gloomy Figure

You continue to drift away from me
However I’ve stupid desire to stop it
I know the only way is to move on
But my heart doesn’t want to
The memories we’ve shared don’t let me to do so…

Loving you was so good
And also our meeting
That keeps me alive
That was like fate
Until we love each other again
I’ll wait until then
Just good memories and only happy reminiscences
Will be held in my mind…

Only happy reminiscences…

At that moment like a child is calling for mother
Where can we find the same place?
My whole life seems to be waiting
Therefore I stop doing things
But only sending them away

Love is always so slow
Love is so cruel to me
Even if I love you more and more everyday but I don’t regret
I feel like I’m going to die
I have to let you go like this
It was too late for my love…


Maybe every single one of us is walking alone
Unable even to tell anyone about the loneliness they are carrying
As many more people walk further away
I’ve grown up and at least gotten good at faking a smile…

Behind every tear, there’s a smile
But I always pretend when I am with you
I can’t be honest with myself…

Is that who I am?...

When I’m trying to forget you
Everything falls down
Endless time
In all these space
Your breath that is deep fills the room
The pieces of the promises and traces of memories…

For all this time, I was so happy
When I look back, only precious memories remain
So I’m trying to tell you like this
Words that were inside my heart
Words I couldn’t tell you because my heart was too small…

Words I couldn't tell you...

I’ll be alright
If I can only be happy if I forget you
I don’t know if good days will ever come to me again
But I’ll have to stop
All the remaining love will probably go to that other person…


Lift up your head, stop hiding your face
Look at me with the prettiest face in the world and smile…

You’ll do well
Whoever you meet, you will receive love
Someone who is better in a better place
Because the prettiest, the nicest, the most dazzling person
That I’ve ever met is you
I hope you will be happy…