1. It happened quite unexpectedly. I wasn’t looking for anything. Just thought he was funny and enjoyed that his humor made me feel better about the messiness of my life. Then we started chatting about our similar upbringings, our past relationships and before we realized what was happening there were feelings . We had to stop communicating in so much detail since what started off as a friendship was becoming more and neither of us wanted to ruin his marriage. We had to be respectful and responsible. So now there are there intense feelings we cannot express, he has someone at home and I have no one — only the love I feel for him from afar. It sucks…

      2. That really sucks. But it’s good that you guys choose to put an end before things get worse…
        Are you still in contact with him?

      3. Yes, but we simply limit our communication to special occasions: birthdays, holidays etc

      4. Agreed. It’s weird though, I never had to “breakup” with someone I liked. Not sure how to proceed.

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